Are you somewhere in your life where you fight against kilos, and everytime you manage to lose weight, just a little, you gain it all back and more? Have you tried countless diets and different forms of exersises, where you've feel robbed and felt more and more emptied of energy? Do you sleep bad at night and do you know the feeling you of getting up in the morning and don't feel completely rested? Do you feel that life is on autopilot with work, children and everyday chores? Is all you think of, the food you shouldn't eat and when you do, you have a bad concious? Are you also the one who has tried many types of dietary foods filled with restrictions - where the result has not been satisfying? Do you also know the feeling of having a stomach ache, feeling fatigue, insecurity and the urge to eat extra to keep up the energy level after a long and hard day? Do you crave sugar in the afternoon?


End up with diseases and a distressed body! We have accepted it as normal to have a stomach ache, poor sleep and feeling miserable every day. We have accepted that we'll never get the dream body we have always wanted and believe it isn't possible for us. Diseases have become a part of everyday life, and even more suffer from allergies, unstable blood sugar, headaches, diabetes, high cholesterol and much more. But we're not supposed to have it! Nor are we created to live with restrictions and Things we can't do . We are not made to live a low fat diet and count our calories either.



This course is completely different from anything else you've ever tried before. Here you can, once and for all, let go of the fight against kilos and find home to the body you've always dreamed of. Here, fatigue magically disappears, and you lose the desire to overeat and fill your body with food that is bad for you. Here you eat amazing food that is easy and quick to prepare and filled with nutrition that balances your hormones. Purchasing is as easy as usual, and the commodities are found in regular supermarkets. Here you will lose weight by eating bearnaise sauce, big steaks and buns with loads of butter!


In 'Your cool life' you're never on your own. We have your back. Our mentors will daily guide you on your way to 'Your cool life'. Doesn't it seem too good to be true? - but, in fact, that's what happens, with all our participants. Your new fat healthy life! The kilos disappear, you get your self-esteem back and, as they say, they've already been through our physical team: "It's the best I've ever done - I'll never go back to my old lifestyle." Want to join us? Would you like to hear more about how life can become cool for you as well? Send your name and email below, and a little description of yourself, and let us know what you want for your life to become cool too!

Now is the time for something NEW!

What are you waiting for?

BTB is not a diet, it's a lifestyle, and once you've learned to live this way, you'll NEVER go back where you came from!

Come join us!




My name is Patricia. I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 20, and since then, I've been looking for a way to live without medicine, and achieve lasting weight loss, without restrictions, calorie counting and common sense. Earlier my body and mind were not in balance. I was both overweight and sad. I just felt really bad in my body and mind.

However, I was lucky to keep the weight down by starving me, and I took medicine for the symptoms of diabetes. But that doesn't work on the long run. 


I have now spent the last 10 years, if not closer to 15, to find a way to live a life with much energy, eating all I want, without counting calories og weighing my food. My diabetes is gone and ..

Here I live a life in which I am happy, slim and in balance-completely without symptoms and the use of medicine.

I sat to study all that existed and investigated which options and possibilities there were to get a better life without any inconvenience and instability in my body.

This has taken me many places, and I've learned a lot on my way.


I have on my journey helped a lot of people with symptoms of diabetes, overweight, sclerosis, Pco, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, celiac disease, and more.

YOU SHOULD ALSO FIND YOUR OWN PATH - Whatever You Carry With You. And We'll Help You.


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